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Werk für Vlies-/Folienprodukte in Putzbrunn bei München
Werk für E-SAFE®-Produkte in Haigerloch / Württ.

Since 1995 our corporate philosophy is verified by externally documentable third-party certification:

Verified pursuant to quality management: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 und
pursuant to quality assurance system: DIN EN ISO 13485:2003
as well as pursuant to 93/42 EEC Guidelines, Appendix V.
All sterile products thus comply with European guidelines and standards.

Since 1997 we have been producing according to the QM/QA requirements in a plant exclusively built for this purpose with approx. 30 employees and pay particular attention to using only top-quality materials.
Sterilisation is carried out using electron-beam to avoid damage to the material.

Plant for E-SAFE® products in Haigerloch / Württ.

Plant for E-SAFE® products in Haigerloch / Württ.

Since 1992 we have been producing injection-mould disposal boxes (0.5 - 7.l types) for medical waste in three-shift operation with over 40 employees:

Pursuant to Afnor standard Afnor standard,
pursuant to UN standard UN-Zulassung
the TRBA 250 requirements of 17.05.2006.

In addition to patented disposal lid systems, we produce fastening adapters and injection trays which allow attachment of the boxes/containers, e.g. for single-hand operation.

Since the TRBA 250 came into effect, the safe disposal of pointed and sharp working tools has become more important in clinics and practices, so that employees enjoy improved protection and the rate of needle-stick injuries has been reduced. Cost-efficient management and improvements of ergonomic working environments are equally important.

Our E-SAFE® disposal bins help you to fulfil these criteria and simultaneously provide your employees with effective protection.

Foreign hospitals attach increasing importance to safety aspects. The quality and safety of our products as well as our good service have led to a 45% increase in exports.